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Travis Stork, for a sobering look at how he can take control of his health and drop the excess weight.The interview with Bono, who is currently carrying 250 pounds on his 5. frame, will take viewers through his struggles with weight from childhood to the present, how he balanced pressures from family to be thinner while growing up, through his years of drug and alcohol abuse, competing on . » - April Mac Intyre Chaz Bono is going on a strict diet in hopes of losing excess weight with the help of daytime series The Doctors.Explaining that even though he "wasn't an overweight child," he was still "put on diets all the time." Now weighing 250 lbs. 5½ in., the son of Cher is seeking help from Stork to lose a recommended 50 lbs.» - Dahvi Shira Zap2it: What do you think the public can get from watching "The Doctors" every day?Chaz Bono visits the Emmy Award-winning syndicated series, The Doctors, for a candid interview on his life-long struggle with body image and weight.On Wednesday, November 14 (check local listings), the activist and writer will sit down one-on-one with The Doctors co-host, ER physician Dr."There was a lot of pressure to be underweight growing up," (more) » - By Justin Harp Size matters - at least according to Chaz Bono.The activist and former Dancing with the Stars contestant, 43, who has had an ongoing struggle with his weight, is making a public attempt to lose the pounds. Travis Stork, The Doctors co-host and an ER physician, Bono says being thin in his family was "prized above all else" when he was growing up.

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After that, he dated a country song singer but the relationship again didn't go quite well.Stork has assumed his role of lead host since the show’s original conception in September 2008.While the show’s quality of advice has been questioned in the past, the series continues to be fairly popular amongst viewers and have since spawned a number of seasons.Travis Stork on the Science Behind The Great Dress Debate However, Stork's time on T came with unforeseen recognition when he returned to work stateside."What I didn't expect was coming back and then feeling like I had to justify all the hard work I had put in," he says.

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