German dating phrases keep dating broke guys

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Now that it's dropping into the sub-zero temperatures, kalt (cold) is just not going to hack it. Literally translating as “pig-cold” it means it's flipping cold, and it's the perfect description for that next step up as we head into the frozen months. Naschkatze Photo: DPA As you're tempted back into those Christmas markets time after time, this word may also come in handy.

A Naschkatze (nibble-cat) is the term for someone with a sweet tooth, and who can blame you when there's such a delicious selection of cakes, cookies and sweets to delve into this winter? Gemütlichkeit The colder it is outside, the warmer it feels inside, and that's why we're grateful for the German word Gemütlichkeit (its closest translation is “cosiness”).

Yes, when it turns to slush, snow suddenly loses its magic.

The German term Schneematsch (snow mud) describes that slurry of white and brown that starts to pile up on street corners and seep through your shoes. Die Kuh vom Eis holen If someone tells you “du hast die Kuh vom Eis geholt” (You've got the cow off the ice), they're probably not being literal (unless you're a dairy farmer next to a frozen lake).

You can find my favourite German words in English below.

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Instead, this rather wintry idiom really means that you've saved the day.

If someone manages to pull something out the bag as you teeter on the edge of disaster, that's the way to thank them. Aufs Glatteis führen Another winter-inspired idiom, aufs Glatteis führen means to “lead [someone] onto the black ice”.

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and genuinely interested in my goals and aspirations.

I also have to quibble with Riley about the boyfriend/girlfriend issue.

Not that the problem she describes doesn't exist, but that Germany, like many other languages, lacks a distinction between boyfriend and friend.

After talking last week to a German about their lack of dryers in the country (seriously people, one of the best inventions! In the USA, it is actually against the law to do that because it could cause discrimination. In the USA, we celebrate it on the morning of the 25th (the anticipation! Those displays are similar to July 4th ones in the USA. Then again, I can’t really judge because I make similar English mistakes writing in German ;) 10.

), I remembered that I hadn’t published one of my lists on German/American differences. Enjoy, and as always, let me know what you’d add to this list! I have a totally different resume for Germany than for the USA because of all the differences. You don’t really find fireworks in the USA for the new year. If a movie is in a different language in Germany, they will dub the movie instead of adding subtitles. To go along with #9, Germans have some of the best English I’ve ever heard or read. Germans are inquisitive and blunt about the United States (particularly politics) but they aren’t rude. They tend to go for a handshake or the kisses on the cheek (Germans do two kisses, one on each side). To go along with #19, Germans can’t handle my level of enthusiasm and excitement.

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