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I'd blame it on a bad database, but it happens when creating a new database.I'd blame it on Xen App, but it happens when I login via the console. :update: It looks like, after I ran Excel to test if this problem also occurred with other Office apps, that Access is using the Excel icon in the taskbar.You can requery data manually, by using a macro, or by using code.If you want data to be requeried automatically when an event occurs, you can create a macro and attach it to the event.For example, suppose that you want to requery the data in a form whenever the form receives the focus.

Execute Reader() Dim counter As Integer Do While data Reader. To Int16(data Reader("NUMBEROFROWS")) Loop If counter = 1 Then data Reader.

You can then use a toolbar or ribbon button to "convert" the query to an UPDATE query, which changes some of the rows in the grid (in particular, you get an Update To: row).

I am trying to run a simple update query which should obtain a value from a form and update an already existing table. On executing no error message is shown but the table isn't updated with the new value from NI.

You can also perform a more thorough update by requerying the data.

Refreshing records only updates the data that already exists in your datasheet or form.

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