Updating your technology knowledge of microsoft windows

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Some proprietary products can only function properly if at all when used with other products owned by the same company.

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Heck and Serafin established the vision, mission, and long-range plan for Microsoft's digital-personal-assistant and they built a team with the expertise to create the initial prototypes for Cortana.

If you are searching for a clerical or office job in management, administration, and other popular fields, follow these guidelines for polishing the Technical Skills section of your resume, including how you list office software skills. For example, instead of just listing "Libre Office", you pack a meaner punch by listing ‘Libre Office Writer, Calc, Impress, Base, Draw, and Math’.

While you should never list office software programs you have merely heard of or dabbled in, be sure to not hold back with those you do know.

Originally Cortana was only meant to be a codename, but a petition on Windows Phone's User Voice site that proved to be popular made the codename official.

In January 2015, Microsoft announced the availability of Cortana for Windows 10 desktops and mobile devices as part of merging Windows Phone into the operating system at large.

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